CEMA Services

''Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.'' ―Muhammad Ali


At this moment, an emergency is occurring somewhere. The final outcome will largely be determined not so much by how we respond today, but how we prepared long before. A sound plan – and, more importantly, the process of planning – is the key.

CEMA provides emergency planning services in all areas. Among the many ways in which CEMA may help you, our team can lead the development of your plans and protocols, conduct assessment and gap analysis, and provide audits to validate quality and compliance with standards.

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Developing knowledge and skills is an essential, ongoing preparedness activity. As importantly, training in key areas must be constantly maintained in order to truly be ready when the alarm sounds.

From a small-group seminar lasting only an hour to an organization-wide series of programs lasting months, CEMA supports a wide range of options for training your staff. Live, instructor-led training events may be provided in person or over the web, in a virtual classroom. CEMA also can build self-paced, distance learning modules to be hosted on your organization’s Learning Management System.

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No matter the time and energy put into your planning and training efforts, only moving through the intended actions under realistic conditions will truly reveal what works and what doesn’t.

CEMA has on staff multiple certified Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) trainers and Master Exercise Practitioners (MEP). We offer end-to-end, HSEEP-compliant exercise services. Our team can provide onsite support, or you can opt to participate in a virtual exercise event. Ultimately, CEMA will strive to thoroughly and accurately document the outcomes of your exercise to help prioritize your future preparedness goals.

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