''The true method of knowledge is experiment.'' ―William Blake

ExercisesMany see exercises as the final element of the preparedness cycle. At CEMA, we see exercises through a different lens: an exercise is arguably the first step to expanding and refining your organization’s state of preparedness. Naturally, there are many other forces at work that also may compel you to plan and execute an exercise, including identification of a new concern to your organization, regulatory and grant requirements, agency accreditation standards, and others. Whatever the need, CEMA stands ready to help.

Our FEMA-certified Master Exercise Practitioners use the HSEEP process to devise and implement exercises that ensure useful outcomes. CEMA has supported all forms of discussion-based (i.e., seminar, workshop, tabletop, or game) and operations-based (i.e., drill, functional, or full-scale) exercises, from the simplest single-agency events through complex multi-agency, regional, and statewide events. Contact us today to start the conversation and explore how we can help. Or, to make it even easier, check out our upcoming events to see if there is a virtual tabletop exercise coming up that meets your needs.

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