''Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.'' ―Winston Churchill

PlanningCreating your plan: this is the heart of preparedness. CEMA’s philosophy is that the process of creating a plan, probably more so than the tangible end product, is an invaluable investment. Planning consists of many things, such as designing a command center, creating department-level continuity plans, developing procedures for hazardous materials, mapping out evacuation routes, identifying strategies and talking points to manage media relations and public information needs, prioritizing threats and hazards of highest concern, and much more.

CEMA’s expert consultants come from many industries and disciplines, with years of practical experience and knowledge to help you develop, audit, and update your plans.  Contact us today to start the conversation and explore how we can help.

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CMSNote:  Is your organization regulated by CMS?  If so, we can help you with compliance
under the new rule for emergency preparedness.  Click here to read how we can assist in this regard.

CEMA Emergency Preparedness Planning