''Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.'' ―Peter Drucker

TrainingTraining, perhaps more than any other function of emergency preparedness, requires constant attention. As educators know, the average learner will leave a training session having mastered only a fraction of the material covered, even when the best and most varied teaching strategies are used. Additionally, once the session is over, the knowledge retention clock starts ticking, and what the student did learn will diminish over time until they are retrained. We have solutions to address all these challenges.

CEMA utilizes instructors with first-hand, practical experience in many industries and disciplines. These subject matter experts stand ready to train your staff in a variety of subject areas using best practices that will maximize the outcomes. Contact us today to start the conversation and explore how we can help. Or, to make it even easier, check out our upcoming events to see if there is a virtual training session coming up that meets your needs.

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