training services

Training needs, objectives, available budgets and resources vary greatly from organization to organization. CEMA offers a variety of virtual training solutions to meet your unique requirements. These solutions can be installed on your organizational intranet, in the "cloud" or hosted on CEMA servers as your needs dictate.

We offer the following examples of virtual training solutions CEMA has provided to our clients.

Example #1

Customer: A community hospital wishing to provide refresher training to its hazardous materials decontamination team. They needed the training to be available at any time over a variety of work shifts. They were on a tight budget, so wanted to provide as much of the still and video photography as possible using their own people and equipment.

Solution: Utilize 360-degree panoramic photography to create an interactive experience by reconstructing the decontamination room in a virtual environment. Embed customer supplied audio and video content to allow the participant to view and refresh on the details of equipment and systems installed in the space.